Monday, May 2, 2016

A New Piece Of History | Canadian Lifestyle Photographer

Although I do not live in the Bow Valley I can say that I have had the honour to witness several occasions of history and be a part of some things that will go down in history.

Meghan Ward and Dee Larosa take a quick break before the night starts.

Last night marked the official release of the Canadian Rockies Annual produced by Crowfoot Media in Banff. This beautiful coffee-table style soft cover is a collection of the best that the Rockies has to offer in art, writing, photography and personalities that make this place special.

A collection of this kind is important for the simple fact that years from now, those reading back into history will appreciate the glimpse into our culture as it is now. Instead of compiling from memories, history is being written now. And thanks to the hard work and vision of these two ladies, some of it has been recorded here now. Congratulations Meghan Ward Zizka and Dee Larosa for heading up an amazing piece of Bow Valley history.