Friday, March 15, 2013

Created | Adventure Photographer

(I recently wrote this in response to a question a friend of mine had asked on her blog regarding the energy we feel when we are outside in natural places...)

"Parow par muja Yahweh say mulakat hoga" is an Urdu sentence that an old friend of mine wrote for me. It's been written on the back of my climbing helmet for 12 years and simply translated into english says, "The mountains are where I go to meet with God".

I have been a spiritual person my whole conscious life and it just makes sense that I have contemplated the energy and force I feel when I am out in Creation and beyond the life that I have created on my own.

You see, if we are created beings living in a created world then it just makes sense to be renewed while we are engaged with this Creation. The world we have built for ourselves is the best that we as broken beings could create. Full of imperfection, anxiety, urgency, lies, consumerism, affluence, fear, frustration etc. I am not suggestion there is nothing good we can do, but how much more incredible is it to go to a place that is so much bigger than ourselves and speaks to something greater? Many people can see the revelation of God in nature and those who don't, understand that the natural world holds a spirit of it's own. Like living water and travelling closer to the source every time we connect out there, our spirits are topped off and we can go back to the world we have built and see it in its true perspective.

It feels right to be a part of an orderly system or created by something greater than myself. I don't want to be the centre of the universe, I don't want my life to be all there is. I want to rest assured that when I climb, when I feel the warm limestone, smell the alpine and blasted by the wind whipping through the valley, that I am a part of something beautiful. This truly is a stunning planet we live on here, in a solar system that is bare and singularly faceted, with a sun and gravitational forces that seem to cater to us, our planet is bursting with diversity. Take a look around, it is very hard to imagine that everything here is a result of chance.

"Out there" is energy, passion, focus, reality, love, hope, fun, growth, adventure, and all the good things that come from being a part of it. The mountains are where I go to meet with God, and nature is where I will find myself.