Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Let It Go | Canadian Adventure Photographer

Over the last few years I have been working to get a start-up side project going. Even though it has little to do directly with photography, it is something I am very passionate about. I almost have too many things I am passionate about and probably good thing I can't get too involved in all of them or I would be spread thin.

Since I turned 40 I have had to re-evaluate what I wanted to do and how much time and energy I was willing to take out of my family for my career and interests. In the last few months I have narrowed it down and really feel I have made some good choices to spend more time with my family and doing the few things I feel are important. With a list of a few goals and lifestyle changes, I am shedding anything that does not bring me back in line with my new focus.

Which is why this week it is easier to walk away from the side project I was working on. Last year I put over 300 hours into the development of the project and felt that it had a good chance of taking off. For 3 years before that I was working with people in the industry to see where there was a need for development within the vacuum of this developing social/science community.

Unfortunately when you work with other people on a project or business there is always the chance that they will not see your vision as you do or even respect the work that you have put into it. It's understandable, but again unfortunate and it is just as much my fault as it is theirs. So after such a long time and hanging on so tightly to what I thought was something great, I had to let go.

Now I feel a little relief but I am sad. I am relieved that all the energy I had to spend on something else will now go back into my business and personal life. However I am sad that the great vision I had may never happen as I believe there was really only one chance for it. It will now go on, look like something else and be someone else's baby to be responsible for.

A thank you needs to go out to the one who shared my vision and understood the need for professionalism. Good luck goes out to the one who believes in it but thinks it looks like something else.

Time to move on.