Sunday, January 29, 2012


I found this composition near the Carstairs Gas-Plant tonight. After looking at it for a while I get the sense of loneliness and waiting. But mostly waiting. It's like the tree in this image is waiting but ultimately it is in vain, being in it's last stages of waste and regret.

Sometimes we find ourselves waiting for something purposeful or our big break in life when really all we are doing is wasting time and opportunity. Better to be moving all the time and keeping ourselves open to any situation. A bullet is nothing but an inert piece of metal until it gets chambered and fired. Whether it hits it's target or not, it can not serve its purpose standing still.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dry Spell | Calgary Adventure Photographer

I was on my way home from Spray Lakes this afternoon and decided to take a quick detour to Mt Yamnuska. Conditions weren't great but I had to get a few shots with a diffused sunset barely raking the face of one of My favourite places. This year has started slow for me and this shot with its severe lack of snow just rings of a dry-spell.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Another Day At Spray | Adventure Lifestyle Photographer

Greg Ramsay checking his lines before launch.

Finally conditions have been good enough to ride safely and aggressively out at Spray Lake just south of Canmore. I originally planned to shoot for half of the day but the riding was so good I just put the camera away.

Greg and I started off at a launch location called "Sparrowhawk" but after a rough hour of riding on the edge of a storm we decided to pack up and go find Jay and Gilles who we suspected were riding further South on the lake. As we arrived at the new location the sun started to come out and the wind seemed very steady. I quickly set up my 12 five (largest kite) and launched into what seemed like the smoothest 25-30km I've ever experienced.

The snow had a decent base and with the air-temp at 0 degrees, made for a good 10 inches of creamy spring butter-snow. The air was strong from the SSW and extremely consistent. It took very little room to send the kite and pumping the bar would loft you a good 12-15 feet and ease you downwind 30 feet from where you left the snow. Flying "powered-up" gives you confidence and when your kite is in the right spot, makes air time and tricks safe and fun.

Unfortunately an hour later a storm outflow snuck in and punted a few kiters who where out riding (me being one of them), luckily with no bad injuries. When I felt the first gust rip my kite down-wind I immediately skied underneath it to get it into a safe "parked" spot. But as I slid below it the kite lifted straight up about 6 feet and dropped me on my back and proceeded to drag me down the lake for 20 feet before I was able to pull the primary "eject". A little rattled and sore I packed up the 12 five and walked back to the launch. Scary as it was, I couldn't help think that a bad day (and it was actually a pretty good day) out on Spray is still better than a good day in the city.

Clip from the HEROcam showing conditions.