Saturday, September 14, 2013

Seasons Change

Last night I got the privilege to float the Bow River with a good friend of mine that I don't always get to see. Everyone has had a busy summer and just like that, it's over. Can't complain though, our late Fall is always welcome in Southern Alberta.

GoPro image of me and Kenny on the Bow.

And speaking of change, I think it will be time for a few of my own as well. I came at my 40th year with a lot of steam but now that I am well into it I realize some of my priorities have changed. And yet some have become even more focused. Having been back in the mountains (both big mountains and crag-climbing) recently I have had the chance to really learn about what used to drive me and what drives me now.

It is time to start making new plans for the next few years and to really focus on what I feel is important. Business will change, some things will get cut out, more time for my family, and likely a deeper commitment to my beliefs and what I think has value in this world.