Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ride Stop & Go | Adventure Lifestyle Photographer

The Ride Stop and Go crew get back on the road after a nice break in Longview, Alberta.

Yesterday I had the oppurtunity to chase 34 motorcycles over a 300 plus km loop that took us to Cochrane, Kananaskis, Highwood pass, Longview and Bragg Creek. The riders were from Alberta and Seattle, Washington and came from all walks of life. The common thread with these enthusiasts was a passion for being out on the open road on two wheels. I wish I had been riding myself but in order to photograph them I had to be in a chase vehicle and occasionally shoot from it.

Again, there is nothing like spending the day with people who are all share their passion and take a trip together. So many different people, in age, vocation, and background, all respecting each other so much when sharing the same lifestyle. Each location we stopped at people hung out, chatted about bikes and life, and all like they had known each other for years.

There is something special about riding. I think about the surfing, and skydiving community when I think about riders. Everyone eventually feels the freedom of the road, a spiritual moment when daily life just can't keep up to you as you bomb down the highway and life again becomes simple. There is nothing else, only this moment, the pure thrill of rolling independence and speed while the landscape speeds through your gaze like an unravelling canvas. It's a magic place where those who go for it are rewarded. This is living.

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