Thursday, June 7, 2012

Graceful Machine | Adventure Lifestyle Photographer

There are some kinds of work I will not do and mostly it's because I'm just not that passionate about it. However the occasional client comes to me with a few ideas of their own that can pose a challenge. I am always up for a challenge and it becomes a great job when that client is passionate about what they do.

A month ago I got a referral for a potential client wanting body-building images done and after a few emails back and forth we where set and had a few ideas. Today Penny and her coach showed up and immediately I was surprised that penny was actually 50 years old and still competing. Obviously I never gave much thought to her age before I met her but couldn't help think it was really cool that she puts so much energy into it.

It's a strange reaction when we think about any age and the level of energy that goes with it. I firmly believe the body is just a machine and will work and last as long as our minds and souls continue to push it forward. A nine year old child runs endlessly through the playground while another one sits in a basement growing sedentary with every level they achieve in their console video game.  An old man in his forties sits in the local legion coughing on cigarette smoke as another in his 50's finishes a triathlon somewhere in Hawaii. No one in this life has complete control over their "true" age but it seams to me that the ones who have taken measures to gain control, are the ones that deserve their "graceful machine".

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