Thursday, June 28, 2012

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 Jason Lazenby spraying local crops in his Piper Pawnee aircraft.

In the last 24 hours I have had the great fortune to meet and photograph Jason Lazenby of Royco Air Services while he works in the fields West of Crossfield. And I should also add that he is working "above" the fields West of Crossifeld. Jason and another pilot (Dean) are currently giving a bit of an airshow in the area as they spray crops for local farmers and it is an amazing show indeed. 


It's hard for me to ignore the sound of the aircraft especially when they are working so low to the ground. Growing up around planes and helicopters gave me a great respect and appreciation for being in the air and I don't think I can ever shake that. I still dream about paragliding and hope that I can get down to the US in the next year to be trained on a "Speed Wing"

For now it's just a lot of fun watching (and photographing) someone who is so passionate about their work and lifestyle. Every time Jason jumps out of his Piper Pawnee (plane) for a break and reload, you tell that this guy loves what he is doing. And as I've said it before, when I can capture great shots of someone who loves what their doing, then I love what I'm doing.

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