Friday, May 20, 2011

Are You Next? | Adventure Photography

While a lot of the work I do is for editorial (magazine and print) and commercial, I love working with private clients. Especially those people who want to share their stories and passions and who love to play hard.

You might think it would be a big deal or super expensive to have a professional photographer tag along with you and your crew on a trip but really it is not. And to have images that tell the story and are good enough to be published by world class magazines is awesome. Or maybe you just have a series of shots you can put up in your home or that giant one over the fireplace of you on that 11,000' peak last spring.

Either you are looking for images covering your favorite sport or pastime, a trip project, or just want to be a part of my outdoor stock work, give me a call and we'll put something together.

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