Saturday, April 30, 2011

Keepin It Simple | Adventure Lifestyle Photographer

Some photographers will tell you that you should do things their way, or that there is really only one true way to create an image. Others will say you need a ton of experience before you can really get amazing images. Some say immersion only and some say deliberate "trophy hunting" is the way to go when photographing landscapes. Some tell you to shoot color frames and convert to monochromatic in Photoshop and some tell you it's only real if it's done in camera.

If you want my opinion, I don't really give a $#!t. Photography is so many different things to so many people. If you spend your time in PS then maybe your a graphic artist. Or maybe it's your darkroom "developer". Maybe you are a master in camera and maybe some people think the image should remain pure. Maybe your images are heavily worked in post, does that make them "unreal"?

No, none of that matters to those of us who are enjoying what we do. It's all about being out there and being excited about getting a cool image. At least that 's what it is FOR ME. I am not interested in telling you whats right and anyone who does is full of $#!t. What I will tell you is create how you like to create, be free to express yourself. Shoot more than you have time for and then shoot some more. Try something different everyday, and never stop learning. Just make sure your the first one to be happy with your work, because you will never be able to make EVERYONE else happy all of the time.

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