Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Go Light | Canadian Adventure Lifestyle Photographer

Steph Davis explaining the finer points of minimalist gear and climbing light at the Stronghold, Calgary, AB.

On Sunday morning I shot my last few images for the Calgary International Mountain Film Festival. I stopped down at the Stronghold in Calgary to get some action shots of world class crack climber and BASE Jumper Steph Davis. Unfortunately Steph did not get on the wall but instead chose to talk to about 20 climbers who are new to the sport about their gear and going light.

Steph is well known for going ultra-light and even to the point of using BASE Jumping for an exit point instead of just rapping off a climb. I watched her new film - "A Perfect Circle" on Saturday night which was about a few towers in Moab that she free-soloed and then Jumped from. It was a beautiful piece and the footage was great.

I was also impressed with Steph's psychology regarding risk and reward and I am beginning to suspect that with all the research I am doing on the subject, I am going to find that it is a very universal concept for every extreme-sport athlete.

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  1. That is awesome. I didn't know Steph Davis was in town.