Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Thin Veil | Canadian Adventure Photographer

Tonight I pulled out my camera for just a couple of minutes. I was at the ponds in Crossfield with 7 students that were taking my last lighting and creativity workshop and we were just lighting for the last few minutes of light.

As usual on the prairies in our area the skies were amazing. Another Chinook day and a little bit of wind to break up the water along the pond. I was a little sad as I shot this, knowing that we have had an even longer fall than usual and being spoiled by that, I knew it will be gone soon. Like a little gift as someone you have had the pleasure to get to know for the last few weeks is leaving but wants you to remember them until next year. It's been a beautiful fall here in Crossfield, and the romance of life has revealed itself even if just for a moment. More than enough to appreciate, for this moment, I am content.

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