Monday, September 5, 2011

Pure White | Calgary Adventure Photographer

Here a two of my favorite images from our trip to the salt. I have been switching my camera color space (in camera) to monochromatic when I am shooting in bright open daylight and I love the results. In this case I shot the bobber from behind facing out on to the speed track with some sky in the back ground at an almost natural exposure. What I got was a simple scene that relies on the limited tonal range and contrast between the pure-white sand and the bike and sky. It is simple and that's what I love about it. The image becomes a simple graphic with a simple story.

In this shot with the European team riding their sidecar back to the start area, I wanted something a little more artistic but once again, simple. I decided to drag my shutter a little to get some blurr out of the sand to show movement but I also over-exposed the shot by 2 stops. What you get is the blown-out highlights taking over in the frame and with very few mid tones, the white contrasts with the black. All this done in camera with no photoshop, it still makes a stunning image when it is so far from a natural color exposure. It is nice to still make an interesting image so far from the generally accepted technically perfect settings in camera.


  1. Nicely done Kurtis! I love how simply both images are, yet they work. I particularly love how the first shot leaves plenty of room to let the viewer create its own story.

  2. I think these are both really great, Kurtis. I love the simplicity and how the eye is drawn to the smallest details. No clutter at all, just a nice story for the viewer, or at least one that they can create.