Monday, September 27, 2010

OCF Workshops A Total Success

Earlier this year I was talking to a few other photographers about putting on an "off Camera Flash" workshop. I love this kind of work and to actually show others how to get great results from off-axis flash just seemed like a fun time.

The OCF workshop takes place for one day on a weekend in an exotic or cool location, we bring in models and and six photographers from various markets and spend the day learning the "baseline" for their exposures. During the day the photographers are let loose to use this new tool to be creative as well as discussing the relationships with clients, business of photography, posing, and a series of considerations when photographing people outdoors with studio-like lighting.

We started the year with both busy-amateurs and established professionals, everyone was getting amazing results early into the workshop. This weekend we finished the season by shooting the Calgary rock band "Telly Rock" out near Drumheller, Alberta and had our guest instructor Michael Warf join us in Okotoks at the Big Rock Erratics.

When I started this I was excited to see everyone getting such professional results but now I am just blown away by how amazing our students images were when they overcame the fear of off-camera lighting. Everyone who joined us did a fantastic job, including our models, and instructors. Thanks again to everyone who came out and made this project a success. We have huge plans for next years workshops, it's going to be great! Below are group photos from our workshops.


  1. How fun!!!! I loved our workshop!! Thanks so much for being such an amazing instructor, Kurtis!

    PS Our group was totally the best! heehee :)) jk

  2. Kurtis, it was a lot of fun to participate. Thanks again for organizing! I highly recommend this!