Monday, September 6, 2010

Let 'em Loose

I just had to post these! In my line of work I am generally required to have an assignment or session planned out and pre-visualized so that I can get the shot that an editor, art director, or client is looking for. Once in a while I will do my own work which still requires that a fair amount of planning and pre-production. So when I get a couple of wild kids in the studio for an all out - "do whatever you want" type of session, it is a breath of fresh-air.

It is so much fun letting these guys do what they want, it keeps them focused and releases the tension and boredom that is usually associated with family photos. An added bonus is that with fast studio lighting, I can shoot between the fun ones and still get classic relaxed keepers that parents are going to want to look at forever.

Kids are so much better when you can let them be themselves.

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