Tuesday, March 3, 2015

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Looking back on 2014 it is hard to believe I made it through with all the changes and chaos that happened personally and professionally. But now that I've had a rest and some time off, I'm gearing up for a busy and exciting year....

Over the last month or so I have had some time to develop new skills, do some serious study and introduce some new tools to my business. I have been working with video for two years now but decided to learn the production side and everything that goes along with it. This includes the writing and development of projects whether they are documentary or simple story. With this new knowledge I am planning to finish a few video projects that are in the que as well as add more corporate video work to the portfolio.

Last year was huge for my magazine work and I estimate I published over 70 images with the various local and international magazines I have been working with. Developing a tight working relationship with my editors has been important and recently that has paid-off with a nomination for Best Photograph (landscape Winter 2014) in the Alberta Magazine Awards 2015. Looking forward to hearing later this week if I won, and I have to thank Westworld Magazine for running my image of Stef Dalberg and his ice-boat. See the published page here: Link

Another on-going project is the work I am doing with a local outdoor clothing company called Spirit West. For a few years now I have been helping them with the occasional shooting of some product but now working year round capturing their new product line as well as testing some of the gear. It can be a long road to success for a lot of companies but if you are willing to stick it out for the long run it can really pay off.

Along with the various magazines I am also working on some upcoming projects that I can't really talk about yet. However I can say that it has allowed me to start testing outdoor gear with other companies as well and this is a bit of where I have wanted to go for some time now. Those projects I will be happy to announce about once they have been made public.

Recently one of our past clients (Eighth Avenue Place, one of the larger tenant services companies in Calgary) had asked us to become a Platinum Partner. What this means is we offer an exclusive availability to their tenants for both corporate and commercial photography. So far we are enjoying the partnership and ongoing relationship we have with their staff and management.

Another partnership we are proud to be involved in is the local sport shooting club The Silver Willow. Last year we started offering corporate packages where we come in and photograph their exec's and employees for team building and corporate events. We will be doing this again as well as updating the Silver Willow's website.

One last thing for now, I have been working on a new personal project called "Foothills Magic" that I am showing on a facebook page. Once I have the project running a long for a little while I will be creating a short movie that highlights the beauty of the foothills and the rich landscape we have along the edge of the prairies. The page can be found and followed here: Link.

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