Saturday, March 17, 2012

Keep Looking | Spindrift Photography

Tonight our yard in town lit right up around 7pm and I could see the chinook arch off to the west. I knew I didn't have much time and even though I have been shooting everyday for the last 3 weeks I just had to go. I figured I would have about 20 minutes tops so I drove part-way to Madden to work this spot I have been at for the last few nights. It never gets dull and with the different weather each day the look of the place can keep changing.

I am impressed with this area. I never moved to Crossfield for the photography but these last few years I have learned to see things in a new way, to look deeper and see things that most people do not see. Maybe it's time you got out of the house. Now that its nice out and the days are longer and warmer, why don't you go for a walk, somewhere you have never gone before and look around a little. I guarantee its the difference between having your eyes closed or open. We all remember what our surroundings look like but it's important to stop looking at the backs of our eye-lids and see things again.

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