Monday, February 6, 2012

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Moonlit night above Bow Hut - Wapta Icefield

This weekend I had the opportunity to join Paul Zizka and Meghan Ward (and later, Dan Evans) for a two day trip up to the Wapta Icefield for some skiing and great photography. The weekend was magic to say the least. Both Saturday and Sunday were perfectly clear and temps up on the Glacier had to be near plus 10 degrees. Very little wind and sunny days made for some great skiing and amazing images.

Paul, Meg and Dan skied to Mt. Rhondda on Sunday morning while I climbed up above the Bow Hut to the top of the "Onion", a rock outcropping that looked across the Wapta. I spent two hours shooting the crew from up high and getting panoramics and some landscape stills. Out there alone in such a vast area, no where to be and doing what I love, was good for my soul.

The above shot is one of the frames from the night session Paul and I did on our last night. This was the first time we saw any clouds and with the bright moon, you could see everything around and above the Bow Hut. More to come in the next few days.

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