Saturday, November 5, 2011

Many Layers | Canadian Adventure Photographer

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Well I have been very busy with Hockey Team and Sports Photos but now there is a little bit of a break. I was getting extremely restless today so I forced myself to head out into the cold tonight and work on my long night exposures. I stopped in at a location between Crossfield and Carstairs that I have wanted to shoot at for some time. The problem with this kind of shot is it requires a few hours to achieve so you really need to be sure of the composition.

The frame is made up of 57 individual frames all exposed for 60 seconds each. Once they have been combined in layers you get a 57 minute exposure. The reason for going this route is to cut down on the noise created in the image from the long exposure heating up the sensor. I love making these kind of images but I need to find something to do while I wait.

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