Saturday, October 8, 2011

Til Next Season | Insomniac Night Photographer

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I was excited to finally get out a few days before full moon especially on such a clear night. I couldn't get into the location I wanted as it is now fenced in (need time to get through that one) so on my way back to town I stopped near a few old buildings and grain bins. Turns out they are still in use and the equipment that was parked there was in perfect position.

This shot was taken at 10 pm at night with an exposure of 40 seconds. The WB is set to tungsten as it gives a cool tone as opposed to the muddy red from the auto WB. Everything else was also done in camera. It gives a weird scene, almost looks like daytime with the shadows but nothing in the shadow side is filled in. And hanging out in the dark with the 'yoties gets the blood pumpin.

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