Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Downhill MTB Shoot | Western Canada Adventure Lifestyle Photographer

The family and I packed up and drove to Salmon Arm, BC for the weekend and while I was there I had the chance to take out a few DH mountain bikers from the area.

We Spent two days at a West facing slope just outside of Canoe in the Larch Hills called" "Rubberhead". I have ridden this area myself and it has a lot of great places to shoot. Unfortunately it rained for two days so we only managed to get a small portion of what I had planned.

We had Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday in Pritchard with my wife's family and by 4pm the sky started to open up so My cousin Steven and I ripped a little closer to Kamloops to have a look at "the Ranch". We managed to shoot for 20 minutes with a dramatic skyline as the sun dropped below the horizon.

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